Ali Tahayori

"My Baby Shot Me Down" 2021, Colour Single Channel Video-projection with sound, 1:23' duration on a loop 

This work is dedicated to my childhood friends who I don't see anymore. It is the continuation of my enquiry into the concepts of memory and perception, seen and unseen, past and present. By experimenting with the visibility and invisibility of visual elements, I explore the physics and aesthetics of disappearance and its psycho-cognitive effect on viewers nervous systems. Each moment of life presents us with two images; the actual image of the present and the virtual image of the past, perception on the one hand and recollection on the other. 

"My Baby Shot Me Down" taps into the violence and disruption inherent in the medium of photography as well as contemporary culture. 

It is inspired by a Persian poem, which in part says: "In the end, there was only one thing left; vibrations." 

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